The All New TruCAM II is a successor to the incredibly successful original TruCAM which has been utilised across the UK since 2012.


The original TruCAM was groundbreaking back in 2008 and now the TruCAM II once again pushes the boundaries in handheld video based Laser Enforcement.


The incredible reliability and unmatched LTI 20/20 DNA within its Laser Core has cemented its place as the most trusted Handheld Video Laser Speed Enforcement system in the world.


TruCAM has already bridged the gap between Safety Camera Partnerships and Roads Policing Units and with the introduction of TruCAM II traditional Van based operations will no longer require older bulky long range enforcement equipment, except for the longest of enforcement sites.




The improved Camera optics increases the range that ANPR quality VRM data can be captured. For UK sized vehicle number plates, VRM data of up to 220m away can be achieved.


The Auto Focus system is dynamic allowing pin sharp focus to be acheived across the entire laser range of 20 - 750m within 1 frame of image capture/speed acquisition. Coupled with the automatic Iris control complete focus and image exposure is obtained throughout the video clip.


The modern 1GHz i.MX6 Dual Core Processor is 10X faster than the previous TruCAM making multiple event capture quick and efficient.


The new touchscreen is much larger, sharper and more responsive with improved graphics and better on screen keyboard. User information can be pre-populated allowing simple drop down selection decreasing instrument set up time and configuration.


The 3X optical extender has a new 6X option further increasing the view finder distance enabling the operator to see targets far closer than ever, decreasing eye strain and enabling better aiming at long distance.


The new Dual Speed Limit entry allows 2 Capture Speeds to be entered and utlised, allowing both passenger and commercial vehicle speed limits to be enforced with ease.

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